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Dance With You (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Dance With You

Slow n Sexy. A song for lovers and lovers of funk.

Valentine’s Day approaches and I wrote this track with love on the mind. It’s the first track that features me singing, something I hope to do more of in the future. It’s not a dance floor banger by any means but I have closed my set with it a few times. And it’s perfect for those romantic evenings at home with your lover.

Vocals and Production by Timothy Wisdom


Acapella Pack 1 (Free Download)

Acapella Pack 1

Here’s a collection of acapellas from some of the tunes I’ve released on Bombastic Jam over the last few years. You are free to use any of these in your own tunes as long as you follow the guidelines of the Creative Commons License that this pack is released under (i.e. give out the tunes for free and don’t make any money). If you end up creating something truly dope, please send it to me or post it on my Facebook Fanpage. If you want to use one of the acapellas in a tune that you wish to sell or license, please get in touch with me for permission. In the new year, we’ll take the best remixes and put out a big fancy release on Bombastic Jam.

Acapella Pack 1:
Loopback Brother (100 BPM)
Pound for Pound (100 BPM)
We Will Not Back Down (105 (BPM)
Jiggle What You Got (110 BPM)
Born to Rock the Party (115 BPM)
Ready Set Party (110 BPM)
Get Your Hands Up (100 BPM)

The pack contains 320kbps MP3 files and is zipped into a single 38MB file.


“Mr Wisdom has a voice like being tickled with a cats whisker…which is nice!” – Mooqee (Bombstrikes)

Earplugs (Free Download)


Riding home from the Shambhala Music Festival a few years ago, Dash from the Root Sellers came up with the concept for this track – calling upon the audience to put in their earplugs so we can all keep hearing the music. When we got home, we recorded the track and debuted it at the opening of Shambhala 2012. It’s been a staple in my set ever since and will probably continue to get dropped for years to come.

Big shouts to Captain Planet for letting us take his original beat and shift it into the piece you hear now.


Back to the Bass Kicks IV (Free Download)

Back to the Bass Kicks 4

A year in the making, here’s the next instalment of the “Back to the Bass Kicks” series – featuring loads of my original tunes, remixes and tracks I’ve worked on with producer friends from around the globe. It starts with the Hip-Hop style of funk, heads into banger-ville and then ends back with the Funk. Huge thanks to everyone I’ve worked with, all the fans who’ve come out to shows and all the promoters who’ve had me come to perform at their events. We’re keeping the Funk alive!


Track List:
Timothy Wisdom – Reggae Revolution
Timothy Wisdom & Basement Freaks – Loopback Brother
Timothy Wisdom – Black n Tan (Nynfus Corp Remix)
Basement Freaks – Smacker (TWiz Public Transportation Edit)
Nynfus Corporation – This Weed (Feat. Timothy Wisdom & King Lion)
Timothy Wisdom & Captain Planet – Earplugs (Feat. Dash)
Vibesquad – Ruthless Rabbit (R/D Remix, TWiz ReRub)
Timothy Wisdom – Welcome to the Wumble
Eddie K & Static vs The Bee Gees – Staying Alive Anymore (TWiz Edit)
Timothy Wisdom and THE Black 22s – Rocking For You
Timothy Wisdom & Busta – Ready Set Party (Lewd Behaviour Remix)
Timothy Wisdom – Simple Song
Funkanomics – Let’s Hear it for the Funk (Feat. Timothy Wisdom)
Timothy Wisdom & Busta – Influence
Timothy Wisdom – Mama Said
Timothy Wisdom – MiniBomb 6A.2 *
Timothy Wisdom – Danger at the Disco
Timothy Wisdom – MiniBomb 6A.3 (Taiko Jam) *
Timothy Wisdom – Star Gazer
Timothy Wisdom – MiniBomb 6A.1 (Push Up Jam) *
Timothy Wisdom & DJ Soo – The Bounce
Timothy Wisdom – Jiggle What you Got (The Spank! Remix)
Timothy Wisdom – Get On Up
Timothy Wisdom – Up n Down
Timothy Wisdom – On My Mind
Timothy Wisdom – Put the Stereo On
Slynk – Flip it Up (Feat. Timothy Wisdom)
Timothy Wisdom – Dance With You

* A MiniBomb is a a concept I’ve been playing with for the last year. Each MiniBomb is in the same key and tempo and is very short (i.e. not a complete song, just a build-up and drop). They’re useful for making interesting DJ mixes where you simply alter the order of bombs to make new remixes. I’ve been working in the 6A key but I’d like to have MiniBombs for every key eventually. If you like this idea and want to get involved in building a MiniBomb library, get in touch. When we get enough, we can release a library of tiny tunes.

Artwork by the incredible Adam3